** It may take slightly longer than usual to deliver your gifts due to lockdown so please allow enough time when ordering your gifts. Please email sara@seventeenminutes.co.uk if your order is urgent. Thanks for your patience **
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      Christmas is looking different for lots of us this year. All our gifts encourage the recipient to slow down, relax and take some well-deserved time for themselves. We will handwrap your gift in tissue paper, handwrite your personal message and deliver it safely to the recipient's door. 


      To make life easier, you can pre-order your Christmas gifts by selecting 25th December as your required delivery date. We'll pop a sticker on the box saying 'do not open until Christmas Day' so the recipient knows not to peek early and to pop it straight under the tree! We'll send all pre-ordered gifts early-mid December to ensure they arrive in plenty of time. Then you can tick gift-buying off your to-do list.