We are Kate & John, a husband and wife team, who are on a mission to help people send more thoughtful gifts.

Seventeen Minutes is the average time a mum gets a day to herself (hence the name!), as parents we know how overwhelming the days can be, how much there is to remember and how much these minutes of calm can improve your mindset.

Having said that these are not just for mum’s, we all need a reminder to look after ourselves and take a moment (or seventeen) to relax.

Sending one of our gifts is a simple way of saying that it’s okay to pause, relax and unwind. It’s this idea that is at the heart of everything we do and the stock we choose to offer.

We work with small independent brands that we would buy from (and often do) we love finding the best products from the most delicious chocolate to a new author; the softest socks to hand poured scented candles.

We run another small business called A Year of Dates as well so we are delighted to be working with friends who’ve supported our journey to where we are today, and we hope that we can introduce you to some new, original gift ideas.

Since its beginnings on a kitchen table Seventeen Minutes has grown quickly, we now have over 200 products available and we can offer personalisation on some key items. Whatever you choose you know the recipient will get a gift that’s just right for them.

Our story
Our story
Our story