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      Here at Seventeen Minutes, we are all about creating thoughtful gifts that make people smile, and feel loved and appreciated. We want the recipient to feel like they're receiving a hug in a box from you, whether it's a gift to celebrate an occasion, help someone going through a tough time or just because. 

      Sending one of our gifts is a reminder that it's okay to take a moment to pause, relax and unwind. It's this idea that's at the heart of Seventeen Minutes. 

      When founder Sara became a mum for the first time, she was overwhelmed by the overnight transition to motherhood. The average mum gets just 17 minutes a day to herself* (hence the name!) and she found taking regular time to herself really helped her feel like herself. 

      Seventeen Minutes launched in 2019, starting as a self-care subscription box with Sara packing orders on her kitchen table. She realised that people were sending gifts to loved ones who needed a pick-me-up or for special occasions. The business grew quickly to include gift boxes and there are now over 14 options for you, with over 70 handpicked products to choose from. 

      We obsess over finding the best products from small British businesses, including the most delicious chocolate and making your gifts feel so personal to the recipient that they know you've spent time choosing a gift that's just right for them.


      Meet our founder, Sara

      Sara Vickery-Bragg, founder of Seventeen Minutes

      Sara is a mum of two, a Londoner, chocoholic, avid tea drinker, homebody, Netflix binger, lover of leopard print and a big fan of to-do-lists and naps. When she's not with her kids, you'll usually find her working at the kitchen table or packing orders in the Seventeen Minutes stockroom in her house, which used to be her son's nursery. Come and say hello to her over on Instagram...she loves to chat! 


      *according to a survey by TVbed.com