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      Have you got a business idea that you'd love to pursue but feel like there's something stopping you? Maybe you've had a lightbulb moment and want some practical advice on getting started. Or maybe you've just launched and could do with some guidance on how to grow your business. 

      I can help. I understand how hard it is, I’ve been there. 

      Talking about your ideas and worries with someone who's been through it gives you clarity, support and reminds you that you're not alone.

      I offer one-to-one sessions where we can talk about any of your business concerns: products, packaging, how to do your own PR, branding, website design, social media, budgeting, your business plan, work/life balance...whatever you need. A session costs £29 and lasts one hour. 


      • You have a business idea in mind, or you are starting a small brand or independent business
      • You run a start-up business 
      • You want one-on-one coaching that doesn’t cost a fortune
      • You want to talk to a small business owner who understands and can provide support, advice and guidance
      • You want to build your confidence and get ready to take the jump in to business

      Just fill in the form below or drop me an email anytime to: sara@seventeenminutes.co.uk.  

      Let's chat soon.

      Sara x